October 8, 2014

This is a LOVE story by Jessica Thompson

I just finished reading this novel. Took me around 3 days to end it up ! Yepii ~

I decided to write the novel review since I don't have anything to do for my semester break for 2 months. Nearly 2 months. I asked my mom if I can do a part-time job but here is a thing, mom said I can but at the end for Oct, my whole family will be going for a family trip to ..... [it's a secret]

So, nevermind I guess. Will stay at home and be a good girl.

Back to the topic, I really really HATE to read this novel. HA HA HA. Okay, it's a joke. The novel , well is not a common plot that I used to read. Kinda different. I mean, the time for the characters to know about each other plus theirs' feelings too.

Who ever thought, the one you used to express your feelings, your uncomfortable moments is the one who will always be there for you. And yes, they took 5 years to know each other feelings. I mean, they really love each other but don't know how to express it and need someone else to tell them that each other loves each other. You get it ? Cuz I really don't know how to tell it.

The beginning of their relationship is funny. Started in train, a squirrel then what ? They're colleagues at their work place. Yeay ! Let's start with the romance.

But .... they 'start' with their romantic moments bla bla bla after FIVE years. Can you believe that ?!

I don't want to tell more, it might be a spoiler but try to read. The story is nice and lovely.

Oh ya, I also wrote something on Jess's websites. Comment about the novel and I wrote that I wished she could write more about both of the characters. Hehe

See ya ~ And have a nice day :)

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