October 11, 2014

The last victim by Karen Robards

Assalamualaikum and hye guys ! Whaddap ~ 

So, I've ended reading the last victim, which was just now. Yup, just now. A few minutes ago. Can you believe me ? Sure you have to believe it. Ha ha xD

Im lazy to take a picture of the novel, so I took it form the google. Yup. Google which is far more easy to search anything we want. IT nowadays huh ? Haih *sigh

Taddaaaaaa ~  The last victim . Is a fiction novel plus horror plus romance plus whatever it is. You've to read it then ! What I can say is, I REALLY OH MY GOD LOVE THIS NOVEL ! Yeay ! I really do.

I lazy to type it all, so maybe I'll take some of the synopsis from the www.goodreads.com

If you go through to read this novel, you can say that the main character, which is Dr.Charlotte Stone is under confusion of her own's feelings. I mean, there are two hot guys, really hot from the description, one is alive and another one is a ghost.

My first thought, maybe she really fell in love with the alive one but that was not it. Well, she can see the things people can't. Supernatural power huh ? I think soo ~

And I still wondering what will happen next in the future. Maybe she with the FBI guy or the Michael's ghost ? The story is heart-warming story. I really like that. The things you didn't expected to believe made you believe in them. Got I say ?

Anyway, here is the synopsis from the www.blablablablba okay ~ Enjoy reading it !

But I don't want to be a spoiler. So, I REALLY RECOMMEND YOU TO READ THIS NOVEL. Okay ? Okay ~ *feeling like TFIOS pula daaahhh ~

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