October 6, 2014

End of semester 1 .

Assalamualaikum everyone ! It has been ages since the last thing I wrote, I mean updated.

I started my foundation in early June and ended up my sem 1 in October. Now is Oct rite ? I always forget about the date and day since I lived in U, I felt like a robot because of our ridiculous pack, I mean really pack timetable. Who would ever thought each subject with 5 credit hours. Yes, ours were 5 credit ours for every subjects we took except for english and also Pend. Islam.

So, here is a picture of my classmates. I think not everyone was in the picture.

Well, I want to share my stories with all of you who are willing to read all of this. I mean ALL. Thank you cuz Im really appreciating it.

After our MDS, I've been hospitalized for a week because of dengue. Quiet sad ya know when my classmates start to know me after a week of lecturer. But never mind, at least I made many new friends from all over the Malaysia but sadly there was no Sarawakian or Sabahan in our class but one of my housemate is a Sabahan :)

Making friends in university is totally different from school. I can't talk about it but better for us to experience them. The sweetness and painful about life. Being away from parents meant we have to look good care of ourselves.  When you feel pressure about studying, you better find a solution fast if not .... innallilah ~

The girlfriends. We truly are crazy with selfie. Hee ~
We found a cafe look alike secret recipe.

Hooray for the final paper ! Yeay for holidays !
Things were fun there. We always took photos after classes ended and made them into collage. Easy to see.

Because of the majority of my class is girls, we always take pictures to create a wonderful memories together. Who ever thought we can get this close ever. Closeness brings us to know someone better. Yeay or nay ? But for me it is a yeay cuz in foundation, it only takes a year and will soon further in degree. Can say as a fast-track for us to pursue later on ~

Maybe ....

Enough about that. Now about food. YES ! Im totally crazy about food. People said, once you enter U, you'll get slimmer and whatever but for me, Im still maintain my shape because food is everywhere there. 

We have a lot ! But I hate the cafe at kkpr and kkpa. CEPAT SANGAT HABIS MAKANAN. There are thousand of us there who are like piranha. Kadang-kadang tak sampai sejam makanan habis. Apo kau nak cakap ~

Sometimes, I've to eat unhealthy food such as maggi. Sebab makanan dah habis punya pasal T___T Okay, this one is NAY ~

The pictures on the right side were taken after WE. ENDED. OUR. LAST. PAPER. Mixed emotion ! *clap clap clap

The reasons we can't wait to wrap all of this fast because it was finally our sem break for 2 months. I mean nearly 2 months !!! And I felt kinda different now in my own house. IDK ~

For my classmates, if you're reading this, have fun during holidays and happy aidiladha too ! :)

Can't wait to see you guys later in December ~ Prepare physically and mentally for sem 2.

Bye ! xoxo ~

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