March 9, 2014

Trip to Korea

Salam and hey guys ! Lama sangat tak update blog. Rasanya laa ~

Actually, I've been away for  5days and 4nights from 19-02 to 23-02-2014. I really don't know whether it was during winter or spring but I think it was winter since the temperature was around -5 to 3 degree celcius.

We went to many places that are interesting. I wish I could remember all the name of places that I visited. I wish I could so ~ But, sorry laa ! >.<

Oh yay ! And I found a cat cafe  near to our guesthouse in Hongdae. The cats are super duper cute ! You have to pay around $8 and free to choose any drinks. The cats will welcome you :)

We went to Nami Island too ! ^^' Ala ala romantik sonata gitu. But I'm not a fan of Winter Sonata but the island is very nice and I saw few pictures about Malaysian celebrate Hari Malaysia at there. I also took the opportunity to stand on frozen lake. Cool gila ! Hahaha xD

Here quack quack quack ! I can't tell you everything about Nami Island but better to search at the internet for more information.                      

We visited the palace too. Nothing fun actually cause' we have been given just for an hour to tour around the area. Quite big and very tiring. Huh *sigh !

Haaa ~ Ini gambar kami kami semua masa depan palace of entah ~ Hahaha xD 
Boleh pula ni terjumpa dengan pelancong dari Jepun :D Konichiwa ~ :)

The next day we went to Namsan Tower or what the people called "Seoul Tower". Okay, memang tak ada benda menarik. Ingatkan yang letak kunci mangga tu besar, kecil sahaja T____T

About the tower, we went up and yet nothing fun. Macam dekat Menara KL ajor but I think Menara KL is bigger than the Namsan Tower. Hehe ~ But under the Namsan Tower, they have the Trick Art Museum. Best gilo aku cakap !  Kalau datang, sila pergi yaa :)


Bila pergi sana, kalau jumpa Starbucks ke, Coffee Bean ke or Dunkin Donut , tak usahlah pergi. Try to search other coffee cafe. Sana belambak okay ~ Harga pun tak adalah mahal sangat . Affordable laa juga ~ :D

Okay, me chow first ! Muahaha :) 

anneyong ! 

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