January 11, 2014

Malacca Trip ! Come and Visit Malaysia !

How do I start my words ? Assalamualaikum everyone !

Happy 2014 !

Still not too late to wish right ? Sorry cause' I didn't posted anything for a long time since I'm busy with my holiday. No more school. Yeay ! *please ignore my grammar mistake. Daa ~

So, for the past few weeks, I've been to Malacca with my family without my dad and we visited few places during night time. I think the place is near to Mahkota Mall or I don't know the place's name but if you see the photos, maybe you can guess where is it. Am I right ?

Here some photos taken ~ Tadaaaa ~

The entry ~ Kyaaaa ~
 Bla bla bla ~ No need introduction for Melaka kan ? Just search on Google but if you're a Malaysian and don't know about Melaka , I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU !

I took too many photos and don't know which photos to be selected. How about I find photos that have me in. Oh yeay. This is my blog, so what ? derrr ~

The reason I took THIS picture was I forgot to bring my "pin tudung" from home. So, I decided to buy 2 for RM4. Ergh, boleh laaa ~ But cantik kan? Ho ho ~ :p

Why mom look taller than me ?!
 Now, I started to feel sleepy ... The internet is so slow ! Slower than a snail and I'm hungry . I need to find food in refrigerator. Wait yaaa ~ TAKE 5 GUYS !

China Town ? I don't know ~ 0__0


 Okay , let's continue our story here. I felt so sleepy yesterday so I decided to stop halfway. Now I'll continue and I've no ideas what to tel you guys. Just now, I went to a shopping mall near my place and bought new memory chip for my camera. Haaa.

I took the picture where I'm 500m height sitting in the Taming Sari Tower. The price is quite favourable for the Malaysians but don't forget to bring along your IC yaaa. Nanti orang ingat orang pendatang asing pula. Mana laa tahu :p

So here is my sisters and the "tauke kedai". They bought their hair pins and got the cheapest price ever. How about you go there and take a look,ladies ? HAHA

Here is a picture a man with his peace "sign". Haha. Okay dia sporting ! He sells the wire necklace, bracelet and bla bla. The price is quite cheap than the other stalls. I bought souvenir for myself and bestfriend. Thank you to him I got the cheapest  price ever. MUAHAHA !

That's all. I've more pictures but the internet line here is quite slow. So I need to stop now. Have a good evening guys ! Tata ~

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