December 22, 2013

My Lead Camp

Since I came back from a camp early than the others because of my injuries but 2 days at there were really fun. Making new friends from different races and learn the importance of TRUST and COOPERATION.

I really miss my teammates. Firdhaus, Arif, Prakash, Opie, Qistina and Wee Chie. Really, I miss you guys ! Oh yeay, also the teamers, JSL Harvind and Aqlif. Haha.

Here some photos I posted in Facebook. I don't want to return home early but the doctor said I need to rest at home since my fever is not OVER yet until now. And I'm suffering diarrhea too for a week. Oh my oh my -...-

Anyway, the camp was held at Kolej Yayasan Said, Melaka and I've been there before for an interview. I got accepted there but because of my personal reasons, I've to reject it. So sad but never mind. Really ! :) I enjoyed my day at my school with friends. Hehe ~

Here are my teammates ! We are the most awesome group ever ! Our name is Rojak Rangers ! The word Rojak is Prakash idea and the Rangers is Arif. Maybe ~ I can't remember. Haaaa. I forgot to take photo of our flag. T__T

This photo was taken after we ended a game. It was really fun ! REALLY ! For sure ! :D

That's all I think. I really don't have much ideas what's to update and what's hot now. Well , I'm sure everyone enjoying their time there. I will cherish the memories and good luck for the others who are taking PMR and SPM next year. All the best ! :D

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