September 9, 2013

What a long long time ~

Assalamualaikum ! Oh, hye guys ! Busy with life ? Emm. Yaaa ~ *talk to myself

The story is ...
The form 5 students have ended their trial examination EXCEPT for my school which will end on this Wednesday ~ What a loooooong period ~

Today, we had our Physic and Biology paper 3 and tomorrow will be Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan. Oh sivik, the majority of us will not read the book. Just use our mind to make new sentence that sounds good or "masuk akal". HAHA

Since tomorrow there is no BIG paper to answer, now Im watching Karneval, a Japanese animation :)

Eaaa, that boy with white hair is cute ^^"
One more thing, I bought a new novel. Yeay yeay ! If I not mistaken, the title is The Clock Princess. That one is the third novel. The first one is Clock Angel and the second one is Clock Prince. I haven't read them yet but surely after SPM, I'll read it cause' I've 3 months free time. HO HO HO ~

Haaa ! I really really really don't know what to tell. Need to continue watching the animation. Sayonara everyone ~ :)

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