June 10, 2013

Program Hikmah Ibnu Sina

Hey all ~ Haha

Just came back from a camp in Ulu Tiram. Well, it was a very very very _____ days at there. We were not stayed in the wood but in a banglo ... Huge one !

For 3 days and 2 nights, nothing special happened but the night before the 3rd day, I asked the teacher if we can go to order for McD in da middle of night. And the teacher said we can but after the class finished.

Yup, my friends went to mcD and ordered for 10 sets. Wooow right ? Hahaha. The other friends came to our room and ate together . Laughing with all kind of jokes we made. I really miss that time. Since this is our last year in high school. Haih ~

See that ? Ain gave me after we woke up early in morning. I was really hungry on that time and asked for any foods to eat. Maybe biscuits also can. Thanks to her that she brought along ~ :)

The last daaaaay ~ Love you guys ! :*

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