May 1, 2013

Water Rocket Competition !

Tadaaa ~ Cool tak ? :D

For the past few days ago, we were having a water rocket competition for two categories :

1. Best target
2. Parachute

Well you know what, my team was the L A A A A S S S S T T T team ! Serve you right ! Siapa suruh daftar lambat. Actually, we dont want to join cause' a little bit "lazy" and kinda busy with the homework. That's were our reasons at first place but suddenly our Physics teacher said, " Korang masuk laa, nanti dapat sijil walaupun kalah". 

Aku macam," Whhhaaaaattt ?! Sijil ?! Ok cool gila".

Tak honest kan ? Well oh well. Sijil punya pasal ~

Najiha, Huda , Farhana

Hahaha. Tengok muka dorang ! Look look look. Ini muka takut nak launch sebab benda alah tu menakutkan. Lol xD And their rocket was far. Really far but not to the target. Their target was McD. Hahaha xD

Yeay ! Our group ! Including me , Mirae and Sue. But Sue was not there. That's sad :( Sadist ! And our rocket really near to us and F A R from the cone. What we can do ~

And you know what, we got the 1st place for parachute ! Hip hip horray ! *clap2

Maybe some of them were like, "Whaaaat ?!". Impossible right ? But yeay. We won ! :p

Ok. Let's end now. B Y E B Y E B Y E ~

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