May 25, 2013

Hey Kak Yuna Zarai !

So, I have my extra classes at school and not so "many" form 5 students came although we're gonna to face SPM very soon. Soon enough !

Thanks to DB and Thanes for the belated birthday wishes. I'm happy ! Yeaaay !

What happened at school was already past. Ok, bye bye my bad memories. No need to remember that !

And now ? I'm listening to Yuna's songs. Totally AWESOME ! I'm very glad + proud that she's from the same country as me. Well, Malaysia katakan ! Malaysia Boleh !

She's just not addicted to music but fashion too ! Yaa, have you guys seen all her photos ? Beautiful and anggun ea ? Ehek !

I really admire her ! Really ! All her songs are acoustic. Ea ye ke ?

Ok. Done with my work. Need to continue listening to her songs.

Guys, take care ea ? Night everyone :)

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