May 27, 2013

Happy Sunday !

It has been a long day for today.

Too tired and yet too happy xD

Just me and my dad at home without my mom and sisters. So saaaaaad :'(

Okay ! I got a chance to go for the bad wolf books fair at Danga Mall with my dad.

Try to think it, you can get until 95% discount for any books or novels. Oh yeay !!

So, I bought for 5 different books and got the cheapest price ever ! Bha ha ha ~

And, I bought some badges too. Cute ha ?

I'm wearing ala retro for today. Nice haaaa :p

And Im a happy girl today. So what ?

Gosh, I missed both my sisters. Cant wait for their arrival here ~ Really miss become a gossip monger with them. LOL

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