August 20, 2011

Hello guys !

    Guess what , I'm still awake ! Hahaha ! Anyway ? How is your day ? Good ? Bad ? For me , this week is very stress week because of the trial examination for PMR candidates.  I still can't imagined it when my result got all B's. Arrrghhhhh ! I'm going to die ~

     Next topic, how is your fasting day ? My fasting day was like. Arrrrghhhh ! Bila nak buka puasa ni. Every time for sahur I was like "Ayah, tak nak bangun laaa" because I slept at 2AM and woke up at 5AM. Just for 3 hours sleeping :3

     What I'm doing now is reading a novel . Title Mockingbird. One of the children's literature in USA. Maybe you don't know and maybe you know. The novel is quite interesting actually ^^' Ok , END OF STORY. Bye from now ! I love you :*

Nabilah Ariffian

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