August 29, 2011

Eid Mubarak

Dear Blog 

         Well , the first thing I would like to say is Assalamualaikum to all muslim. As everyone knows that tomorrow we will celebrating Eid Mubarak and it means that we are free from being hungry. But actually, fasting is a good thing. Your stomach will stop for awhile and get some rest. Haihhh. So, are you guys now in Kampong ? Its really fun rite ? Well, my feeling about this year mubarak like... hmmm... I still don;t have any senses about Hari Raya. I wish I could happy celebrating this but my feeling.... Never mind... For those who are still not working yet, don't forget to collect Duit Raya ! And you will become a rich person who has many RM1. Haha. So long, Bye bye and take care :)

Nabilah Ariffian

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