August 31, 2011

1st Syawal :)

Dear Blog ,

     Oh . Hye guys ! Assalamualaikum :) How is your first day of Aidilfitri ? Fun ? Sad ? For me... this year celebrating is like boring T_T Because ... I'm not sure with my feeling. Is like ... Oh , today's Syawal, Ok, we will celebrating Eid Mubarak. Just like that. I don't have sense of happiness. But it's ok. The fun things for today are I'm check-in at Mahkota Parade,Melaka and I just bought a new long teddy bear shape necklase. Totally cute ! ;D And for the first time in this year, I bought a book for diary, notes and bla bla and awesome heart shape paper clips :D Had bought them at Mini Toons shop :D

     Actually I don't have any ideas to write now. Hmmmm :| Next topic ? Ok ! I'm totally crazy with korean drama. AArrrrrrrrghhhhh! Let's scream like hell XD I love to watch Coffee prince,my fair lady, heartstring and the most I like is Boys Over Flowers. Oh my .... what a romantic drama. Totally love it ! :) Well ,I hope so that I can find my future Boyfriend or Husband who can accept all about me. Amin ;)

     Ok now. It's already 3.21AM ! Need to get sleep right now. Morning everyone. I will miss you.

Nabilah Ariffian

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