October 7, 2010

Jamuan Aidilfitri FKM :)

the day is the day. how happy I'm :) okeoke. let start our story from morning to night. In the morning,just wake up as usually at 10am. Haha. Open the laptop and playing with chabby and also taking bath laaa. tu yg pnting. haiyaaa T.T

about 12pm. mama is suppose to be pick up me at Pulai Indah and sent me to Skudai but she's late. Because of ....
  • Something wrong at Skudai i think
  • The problem is why Kak Ayu do this to my mama huh ?
  • Abg Fizi ! Can you stop acting that u're a good person ? i mean, firstly you said something bad about her and than you want to be a part of her life ? hmmmmm
  • Lepas tu ckp mcm KELING !
  • Ingtkn mse OTW gi umah Skudai tenang, ni x. Mama always ckp2 about her. How tension today =.=
That's mood for in the morning. Evening ? Haha. i 'm happy :) because my yunk yunk come to my house. i love you :)
we're studying about science and math. How crazy we are when answering  the math questions. Hohoho. 
Formula ? Two pie R or Pie D to the power of two . Erk ~.~
End of story ! The night is the special night. Hangout to the FKM pnyer Jamuan mkn with Kak ikin and Cik Carol kte yaa tuan2 and puan2. Hahaha. We are wearing the same colour . The theme for him and i this year is chocolate :)
  • sorry guys. the photos can't be upload for today because my laptop going GILAK!
Oke oke . This is the end of my whole story for today. Hope enjoy reading. If you want to comment,please comment at the chat box or whatever laa.
  •  People always said bye bye or tata . But today i will said


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