October 6, 2010

About this cat  ?
  •  she's cute like me lolx ! xD
  • a naughty cat when she meet her new friend name chibby or snowy
  • a little bit hot tempered cat i think :P
  • always take care of her fur from dirt laaa :D
  • Sometimes, she makes her pretty face or i call muke 10sen
  • if we're gone to our hometown,we will leave chabby n chibby alone OUTSIDE the house and sometime when we all come back,the both cats will bite our feet
  •  Ouch ! that's hurt. bad cat. bad notty little cat >.<
  • i love her so much because she always  be my mate in my room laa every single night (sometime laa if she want to

Alright now,that's only about this Chabby :)

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