April 17, 2015

Tamat sudah Asasi Sains UiTM 14/15

Assalamualaikum semua !

Rasanya dah lama juga tak tulis apa-apa dekat blog. Bukan apa, hanya sikap malas gila dah besar dan immune dengan badan  ni. Tamat sesi asasi ku pada tarikh keramat 13/04/2015. Rasa syukur sangat-sangat sebab sampai juga ke tahap ni walaupun rasa mula-mula nak GIVE UP. Siapa tak stress whoii dengan 25 credit hours for 1 semester. Siapa sangka kan. HAMBIK KAU !

Tapi sejujurnya, aku minta asasi ni bukan yang first choice macam kebanyakan orang lain yang minta. Aku minta diploma mula-mula. Masa sem 1, rasa tak bersyukur pun ada. Tapi aku yakin Allah SWT ada planNya tersendiri. We as human, just follow the flow ~ Siapa sangka, dalam masa setahun, kau berkenalan dengan ramai orang. Mula-mula aku rapat dengan orang ini, di sebabkan perangai macam tak boleh nak masuk, aku jauhkan diri. Bukan bergaduh atau apa, tapi aku nak elak daripada berlaku anything yang lagi teruk. It's better to do that.

Bila dekat Universiti, kawan tu ramai. Macam prinsip aku, kalau kawan kau yang kau berkawan tak boleh macam nak "ngam" sangat, it's better cari yang lain. Kawan bukan seorang je ye sayang-sayangku.

Baru berapa hari dah habis asasi ni, aku rasa blank sebab tak tahu nak buat apa. Apa yang tak kenanya ialah, kalau sekarang dekat dalam bilik ni, aku duduk baca buku atau study atau layan drama korea atau layan movie member bagi atau kacau roommate aku yang aku saja faham perangai gila perempuan tu. Rindu laa ai ai. Rindu sangat.

So, haritu final selama 3 minggu dan selama sebulan aku tak cukup tidur. Bayangkan lah dalam masa seminggu tu ada test, quiz dan assignments yang banyak nak mampos. Tak ada laa sampai nak mampos tapi tu perumpamaan aku laa. Banyak sangat, kalau tak hantar memang markah carrymark kau BYE BYE.

Siapakah gadis idaman anda ? Pilih-pilih. Tak semua ada ni, tapi merekalah di antara orang yang aku rapat, yang agak faham juga laa aku jenis memang suka lone ranger katakau. Ini semua dari johor sampai kelantan. Hoho. Rasanya gambar ini diambil lepas tamat paper fizik. YES FIZIK ! Bila fizik habis jer, rasa otak ni ringan sikit. Maybe memang aku BUKAN bakal engineer sebab tak minat T__T 

Ini kes Ain ajak budak-budak kelas sarapan pagi sama-sama kononnya time terakhir bersama :'( Lagipun dia yang belanja makan, dan aku rasa bangganya nak mengisi perut yang kosong ni sebab orang belanja kan. Siapa tak nok. Betul ke idok ? Hehehe. Tapi time ni aku ingat 20 orang je terun sarapan dan Ain order 30 KEPING ROTI CANAI tapi habis sebab ramai macam harimau kelaparan.HOHO :o

Okay TADAAAAA ! Keseluruhan pelajar A9 with Mdm Sharifah yang bagi aku memang garang tapi ada taman dalam hati beliau. Ramai kan pelajar perempuan, hehe. Lagipun kelas aku merupakan kelas pelajar PALING RAMAI seramai 37 orang. Hahaha xD 

Macam-macam ragam dorang ni. Tapi tetiba rasa nak berterima kasih sebab they were a part of my journey. Siapa sangka, bulan 9 nanti dah masuk degree. Muda masuk degree umur 19 tahun. Muda sangat tu. Dunia luar pun tak tahu sangat. Macam mana tuuuuu.

Mereka akan sentiasa di hati, katanya nak meet up in 5 years. Nak tengok siapa dah kahwin time ni. Kut-kut dah ada anak pun ada. Hahaha. Yang pasti bukan aku. hoho xD

Those who apply for foundation in UiTM, don't think it'll be easy as people around you told so. Yelaa, nama UiTM macam gitu tak ada standard, actually we're better than others. Sistem belajar pun susah bukan SENANG. Kalau senang, aku rasa tak ada budak kena  gugur taraf masa sem 1.

Dahhhh ~ BYE SEMUA. Selamat NIght ! <---- color="#ff0000" font="" size="1"> aku memang suka rosakkan bahasa sekarang ni. Jangan ikut sebab tak elok. 

October 11, 2014

The last victim by Karen Robards

Assalamualaikum and hye guys ! Whaddap ~ 

So, I've ended reading the last victim, which was just now. Yup, just now. A few minutes ago. Can you believe me ? Sure you have to believe it. Ha ha xD

Im lazy to take a picture of the novel, so I took it form the google. Yup. Google which is far more easy to search anything we want. IT nowadays huh ? Haih *sigh

Taddaaaaaa ~  The last victim . Is a fiction novel plus horror plus romance plus whatever it is. You've to read it then ! What I can say is, I REALLY OH MY GOD LOVE THIS NOVEL ! Yeay ! I really do.

I lazy to type it all, so maybe I'll take some of the synopsis from the www.goodreads.com

If you go through to read this novel, you can say that the main character, which is Dr.Charlotte Stone is under confusion of her own's feelings. I mean, there are two hot guys, really hot from the description, one is alive and another one is a ghost.

My first thought, maybe she really fell in love with the alive one but that was not it. Well, she can see the things people can't. Supernatural power huh ? I think soo ~

And I still wondering what will happen next in the future. Maybe she with the FBI guy or the Michael's ghost ? The story is heart-warming story. I really like that. The things you didn't expected to believe made you believe in them. Got I say ?

Anyway, here is the synopsis from the www.blablablablba okay ~ Enjoy reading it !

But I don't want to be a spoiler. So, I REALLY RECOMMEND YOU TO READ THIS NOVEL. Okay ? Okay ~ *feeling like TFIOS pula daaahhh ~

October 8, 2014

This is a LOVE story by Jessica Thompson

I just finished reading this novel. Took me around 3 days to end it up ! Yepii ~

I decided to write the novel review since I don't have anything to do for my semester break for 2 months. Nearly 2 months. I asked my mom if I can do a part-time job but here is a thing, mom said I can but at the end for Oct, my whole family will be going for a family trip to ..... [it's a secret]

So, nevermind I guess. Will stay at home and be a good girl.

Back to the topic, I really really HATE to read this novel. HA HA HA. Okay, it's a joke. The novel , well is not a common plot that I used to read. Kinda different. I mean, the time for the characters to know about each other plus theirs' feelings too.

Who ever thought, the one you used to express your feelings, your uncomfortable moments is the one who will always be there for you. And yes, they took 5 years to know each other feelings. I mean, they really love each other but don't know how to express it and need someone else to tell them that each other loves each other. You get it ? Cuz I really don't know how to tell it.

The beginning of their relationship is funny. Started in train, a squirrel then what ? They're colleagues at their work place. Yeay ! Let's start with the romance.

But .... they 'start' with their romantic moments bla bla bla after FIVE years. Can you believe that ?!

I don't want to tell more, it might be a spoiler but try to read. The story is nice and lovely.

Oh ya, I also wrote something on Jess's websites. Comment about the novel and I wrote that I wished she could write more about both of the characters. Hehe

See ya ~ And have a nice day :)

October 6, 2014

End of semester 1 .

Assalamualaikum everyone ! It has been ages since the last thing I wrote, I mean updated.

I started my foundation in early June and ended up my sem 1 in October. Now is Oct rite ? I always forget about the date and day since I lived in U, I felt like a robot because of our ridiculous pack, I mean really pack timetable. Who would ever thought each subject with 5 credit hours. Yes, ours were 5 credit ours for every subjects we took except for english and also Pend. Islam.

So, here is a picture of my classmates. I think not everyone was in the picture.

Well, I want to share my stories with all of you who are willing to read all of this. I mean ALL. Thank you cuz Im really appreciating it.

After our MDS, I've been hospitalized for a week because of dengue. Quiet sad ya know when my classmates start to know me after a week of lecturer. But never mind, at least I made many new friends from all over the Malaysia but sadly there was no Sarawakian or Sabahan in our class but one of my housemate is a Sabahan :)

Making friends in university is totally different from school. I can't talk about it but better for us to experience them. The sweetness and painful about life. Being away from parents meant we have to look good care of ourselves.  When you feel pressure about studying, you better find a solution fast if not .... innallilah ~

The girlfriends. We truly are crazy with selfie. Hee ~
We found a cafe look alike secret recipe.

Hooray for the final paper ! Yeay for holidays !
Things were fun there. We always took photos after classes ended and made them into collage. Easy to see.

Because of the majority of my class is girls, we always take pictures to create a wonderful memories together. Who ever thought we can get this close ever. Closeness brings us to know someone better. Yeay or nay ? But for me it is a yeay cuz in foundation, it only takes a year and will soon further in degree. Can say as a fast-track for us to pursue later on ~

Maybe ....

Enough about that. Now about food. YES ! Im totally crazy about food. People said, once you enter U, you'll get slimmer and whatever but for me, Im still maintain my shape because food is everywhere there. 

We have a lot ! But I hate the cafe at kkpr and kkpa. CEPAT SANGAT HABIS MAKANAN. There are thousand of us there who are like piranha. Kadang-kadang tak sampai sejam makanan habis. Apo kau nak cakap ~

Sometimes, I've to eat unhealthy food such as maggi. Sebab makanan dah habis punya pasal T___T Okay, this one is NAY ~

The pictures on the right side were taken after WE. ENDED. OUR. LAST. PAPER. Mixed emotion ! *clap clap clap

The reasons we can't wait to wrap all of this fast because it was finally our sem break for 2 months. I mean nearly 2 months !!! And I felt kinda different now in my own house. IDK ~

For my classmates, if you're reading this, have fun during holidays and happy aidiladha too ! :)

Can't wait to see you guys later in December ~ Prepare physically and mentally for sem 2.

Bye ! xoxo ~

March 9, 2014

Trip to Korea

Salam and hey guys ! Lama sangat tak update blog. Rasanya laa ~

Actually, I've been away for  5days and 4nights from 19-02 to 23-02-2014. I really don't know whether it was during winter or spring but I think it was winter since the temperature was around -5 to 3 degree celcius.

We went to many places that are interesting. I wish I could remember all the name of places that I visited. I wish I could so ~ But, sorry laa ! >.<

Oh yay ! And I found a cat cafe  near to our guesthouse in Hongdae. The cats are super duper cute ! You have to pay around $8 and free to choose any drinks. The cats will welcome you :)

We went to Nami Island too ! ^^' Ala ala romantik sonata gitu. But I'm not a fan of Winter Sonata but the island is very nice and I saw few pictures about Malaysian celebrate Hari Malaysia at there. I also took the opportunity to stand on frozen lake. Cool gila ! Hahaha xD

Here quack quack quack ! I can't tell you everything about Nami Island but better to search at the internet for more information.                      

We visited the palace too. Nothing fun actually cause' we have been given just for an hour to tour around the area. Quite big and very tiring. Huh *sigh !

Haaa ~ Ini gambar kami kami semua masa depan palace of entah ~ Hahaha xD 
Boleh pula ni terjumpa dengan pelancong dari Jepun :D Konichiwa ~ :)

The next day we went to Namsan Tower or what the people called "Seoul Tower". Okay, memang tak ada benda menarik. Ingatkan yang letak kunci mangga tu besar, kecil sahaja T____T

About the tower, we went up and yet nothing fun. Macam dekat Menara KL ajor but I think Menara KL is bigger than the Namsan Tower. Hehe ~ But under the Namsan Tower, they have the Trick Art Museum. Best gilo aku cakap !  Kalau datang, sila pergi yaa :)


Bila pergi sana, kalau jumpa Starbucks ke, Coffee Bean ke or Dunkin Donut , tak usahlah pergi. Try to search other coffee cafe. Sana belambak okay ~ Harga pun tak adalah mahal sangat . Affordable laa juga ~ :D

Okay, me chow first ! Muahaha :) 

anneyong !